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Meet The Team!

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Founder and Digital Outreach Manager

Yalini Gopalswamy

Founder and Finance And Operations Director

Yalini is currently a junior at Westview High School. She is deeply passionate about fostering environmental change and founded EnVi to amplify the impact of the reforestation movement. Yalini oversees financial management, product innovation, content creation, and coaches new volunteers. Outside her commitment to EnVi, she enjoys dancing, ice skating, and playing tennis.

Sara Beg

Sara is a junior at Westview High School who has been passionate about climate change since an early age. By combining this with her love for arts, she was inspired to found and expand EnVi. Her responsibilities include organizing events, coordinating collaborations, and managing social media. Beyond her commitment to EnVi, she is the co-president of Westview’s Crochet Club and project coordinator of National Honor Society. She also likes to play the piano, draw, and ice skate!


Anna Rajesh

Digital Marketing and Customer Service Coordinator

Anna is a junior at Westview High School! Due to her eager curiosity in environmental science, she hopes to create a steady impact in fighting climate change by increasing social awareness. Being on EnVi Board is a step towards her aspiration! Anna coordinates customer service, organizes marketing, crochets, and is the content editor. Outside of EnVi, Anna is an avid dancer and singer!

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